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I am a theatremaker, facilitator and performer. 

I play 'Darya Hartley' in the BBC 2 period drama 'The Gallows Pole' (2023), directed by Shane Meadows .

I recently completed my PhD in Theatre, Performance and Visual Art from the University of Sheffield (2022), for which I was the recipient of the ‘White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities’ AHRC Competition Scholarship.


My practice is based in non-traditional performance and participatory art. 


I have worked in a variety of community theatre and drama education contexts, more recently with experimental theatre company Forced Entertainment, helping to set up their participation programme for young people. 

My work as a performer/deviser with experimental theatre companies New York City Players and The Wooster Group brought me to venues including the ICA, London, The Kitchen, NYC and the Triennale, Milan. 









Soraya Nabipour
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